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Escape Your Maze of Ailments and Discover Amazing Health

Mazy personalized treatment plans are designed to:

Reduce aches, pains, and inflammation

Improve your immunity

Relieve stress & anxiety, and balance your emotional state

Promote the healthy function of organs and the detox process

Promote weight loss and maintain a healthy weight

Support women’s health throughout puberty, fertility, pregnancy, perimenopause & menopause

Ages 0-99

The Mazy Method Makes All The Difference

9 Evidence-Based Therapies
Working Together In Synergy

Reflexology • Bach Flower Therapy • Nutrition • Health Coaching • Reiki • Yoga • Breathing Therapy • Water Therapy • Movement

A whole body-mind approach that addresses your health from a variety of angles. The best part of the Mazy Method is: each one of the therapies works great separately – but they are absolutely REVOLUTIONARY when all used together.


Your body is unique, so every treatment is customized to suit your needs and harness the innate potential for self-repairing and healing.

Mazy Health

Preventive & Alternative

Whether you are healthy and interested in prevention or living with a new or chronic condition, the Mazy Method will help you work towards optimum health.

Mazy Wellness

Compliments Traditional Medicine

Mazy treatments supplement whatever other treatments, drugs, and/or surgical interventions you may require.

Mazy Wellness

Addresses the Root Cause

All parts of the human body and mind are interconnected. Your illnesses, pains, and stresses might have a deeper component to them, the Mazy Method’s holistic approach to medicine addresses them synergistically.

“The Mazy Method is my love project; a combination of over 15 years of clinical experience, using numerous alternative therapy modalities, all coming together for your health and wellbeing.
Everything I do is evidence-based. I am an avid researcher, with certifications in multiple alternative therapies such as Reflexology, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition, Health Coaching, Birth Doula, Yoga and Reiki.
I combined my experience and expertise in these therapies into the Mazy Method, which is designed to treat the root cause of your symptoms and help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.”

Meet Naama Raz

Alternative Medicine & Wellness Expert, Founder of The Mazy Method

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